Takayasu Laboratory is a laboratory in the Department of Computer Science, School of Computing (since April 1, 2023).
If you want to take the exam, please check the Department of Computer Science website.


Ideal Student Profile

check Those who can boldly take on the challenge of research that opens up new fields

Those who want to analyze big data and build models at the cutting edge of econophysics and sociophysics

check Those who want to build data-driven models from human and social phenomena based on a knowledge of physics, statistical science, and informatics and understand systems through simulations

Those who want to study the relationship between humans (micro) and society (macro) from a scientific point of view

Those who want to understand social phenomena from the perspective of theoretical physics

Those who want to understand social phenomena through computer simulation

Research Outline

Features of Takayasu Laboratory

At the Takayasu Laboratory, we analyze social phenomena in the 21st century when the amount of information has increased explosively.
The research methods are classified as follows.

checkData Analysis

Establishing empirical rules using large-scale data

Verifying phenomena obtained from theories and models with actual data

checkTheory and Modeling

Constructing models that satisfy observed statistical properties

Analyzing models mathematically and developing them into a comprehensive theory

checkControl and Evaluation

Establishing methods for system prediction and control based on the constructed models

Current Research Subjects

checkFinancial Data

Analyzing the data of the foreign exchange market EBS all currency board information, and studying the market stability and intervention simulation from the perspective of the dealer model (agent model), board model, and time series model

checkCorporate Data

Researching to estimate supply chain risks and damage in the event of a disaster from the financial data and transaction network information of approximately 1 million Japanese companies

checkRetail Data

Analyzing POS data of 1.2 million types of goods in convenience stores, etc., and researching retail demand forecasts and sales strategies

checkWord-of-mouth Online Information

Researching to predict the effects of events, the formation of booms, and the spread of misinformation based on word-of-mouth data on blogs and Twitter

checkGPS Data

Analyzing the flow data of 1 million people in Japan and modeling the movement of people

checkIntestinal Flora

Analyzing experimental data on intestinal bacteria and constructing an ecological model (collaborative research with RIKEN)

About Our Laboratory

To Applicants for Admission

Those who wish to be assigned to our laboratory from the graduate school can enroll in any of the following three courses.
(After the 2023 academic year, please take the exam from the Department of Computer Science.)

  • Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Computer Science (Main person in charge)
  • Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science (Sub person in charge)
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Mathematical and Computing Science (Sub person in charge) Until the 2023 academic year

Those who wish to be assigned from the fourth year of their undergraduate course can proceed from the following departments.

  • Department of Computer Science

Universities Attended by Current and Past Members

  • Tokyo Institute of Technology (School of Computing, School of Science, School of Engineering, etc.)
  • The University of Tokyo (Science, Liberal Arts, Economics, etc.)
  • Kyoto University (Physics, Mathematics, etc.)
  • Osaka University (Physics, Informatics, etc.)
  • Nagoya University (Physics, Informatics, etc.)
  • Kyushu University (Physics, Informatics, etc.)
  • Hokkaido University (Physics, Information, etc.)
  • Waseda University (Physics, Political Science and Economics, Applied Mathematics, etc.)
  • In addition, Hitotsubashi University, Tohoku University, Keio University, etc.

Career Paths of Graduates

Waseda University (Assistant Professor), Hitotsubashi University (Lecturer), Nihon University (Assistant), Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies, Bank of Japan, IBM Japan>, UBS Securities Japan, JPMorgan Securities Japan Co., Ltd., Mizuho Bank, MUFG Bank, Mizuho Trust & Banking, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Nomura Research Institute, Nippon Life Insurance Company, Nippon Koa Insurance Co., Ltd., Intage Inc., Access Co., Ltd., Okuma Corporation, Hotto Link Inc., Bank of Japan, NS Solutions Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui DS Asset Management Co., Limited.

For those who are interested in our laboratory

Please get in touch with Dr. Takayasu if you would like to visit our laboratory.
The laboratory is open to the public annually during the department information session held at the Suzukakedai Campus.
In principle, please visit the laboratory on that occasion. If your schedule does not allow this, we can accommodate you individually.